Botanical excursion is organised mainly for the students of the Institute of Botany and Zoology of the Masaryk university. Nevertheless others who are interested in botany or the European nature in general are also welcomed. The excursion takes place every year in one of the European countries and take app. one week. We travel with a bus and sleep in our own tents in the camping places. Presentation of the scientific topic is done by professors and / or external experts through whole the excursion.



The excursion price includes: bus transport, accommodation in the camping places, a hard copy of the excursion guide, welcome packet with small notebook and a cookie, entrance fees to the national parks if necessary. 

In the camping of the Tatranska Strba it is also possible to book a chalet (4 beds). If you would be interested, please let us know until the 14.08.2020.

The excursion price is 3 650,- CZK, i.e. 139,- EUR.


Please transfer the payment to the bank account no.:

  • Transfer within the Czech Republic (from Czech bank): 225528973/0600, please add your name as a notice to the transfer
  • International transfers: IBAN CZ40 0600 0000 0087 0824 2001, SWIFT AGBACZPP, Bank Address - MONETA Money Bank, a.s., BB Centrum, Vyskocilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4, Czech Republic, Account owner - Vaclav Horak



The excursion participants take care about the foodstuffs on his / her own. However we stop during the excursion at the supermarkets, it is important to have enough food and water (for drinking and cooking) for at least first couple of days at the beginning of the excursion. The best way how to store the foodstuffs in the bus is to put them in the carton box and place below the seat in front of you. For cooking at the camping places we recommend to have a camping propane-butane cooker.



Slovakia has also EUR as the official currency.


Don't forget to take with:

  • passport or personal ID card
  • travel insurance – everyone has to do for him- / herself
  • student identity card (ISIC) - may be used to get lower price for possible entrance fees
  • tent, mattress, sleeping bag
  • money for your own use
  • raincoat or umbrella (excursions will be made by any weather)
  • field gear (boots, cloths) for all kind of terrains according to the itinerary
  • medicines for your use


To keep the bus clean :)

We would be glad to keep our relations with the bus company. Our group is rather specific to any other ones. Hence it is not easy to find a company which accepts the specifics of the group - field conditions, riding on a field or mountain ways, etc.

By longer transfers please use the trash bin by the drivers in front of the bus or your own plastic bags which can be thrown away on every gas station at the camping place.

If we come back from the field to the bud wet and with muddy boots, please try to clean yourselves as much as possible in front of the bus. In extreme cases (big mud) please go to the bus with the boots in hands.

Biological material can be taken to the bus with the permission of the professors only. In that case it must be sufficiently packed. It is not permitted to take any animal species with to the bus.

Should you have any problems during the excursion (camping, foodstuffs, medical problems, etc.), please don't hesitate to contact anyone from the professors.


Viera Horáková

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